I’m a highly experienced business leader with a strong marketing background, living in Sydney. I’ve run multinational advertising agencies, my own agencies, marketing departments and owned a number of digital start-ups – working in the US, Asia and Australia.

I’ve written a number of best selling marketing texts and industry certificate courses and have trained executives in 21 countries. Throughout my career I’ve created and published content and continue to do so an a daily basis – it’s not just a new fashion I’m following.

If you’re looking for marketing advice, consultancy, copywriting, content, training or just a digital voice of reason, drop me a line.

Or if you have a case study to share for my book or blog please get in touch.



1 thought on “About”

  1. Jack - already told you! said:

    Re: test drives,in Anne’s dad final Westpac days he always bought Statesmen from Suttons Hornsby, probably swapped ’em every 3 years but was always astounded he was never invited to a new model release, general update or free Christmas piss up. They were just happy for him to turn up & trade up. Perhaps the data base showed “Westpac” as owner & it was too hard but I’d bet there’s no correlation between service & sales guys either. And of course, like Detroit, our local industry is rooted.
    Cheers, Jack (Hobart!)


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