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I run a seminar called “Google does it why don’t you…“. In it, I reveal how Google is one of the world’s largest users of direct mail to acquire new customers. Read more here.

Hilariously (or more likely sadly) it sometimes upsets delegates when I reveal the truth. They get p****d off that Google uses proven media channels to promote its business, not just digital channels. They thought the seminar was going to unmask some amazo digi-secrets they can steal.

Well the seminar does share secrets. It reveals that to succeed with marketing in the digital world, you must not just focus narrowly on the digital channels. You risk losing your business if you rely solely on digital. Like Google, you should use a range of different media to grow your business – here’s an example:

Google Red 9300

Google – one of the world’s largest users of direct mail to grow business

To the detriment of the marketing industry, too many marketers have become digi-lemmings (following fashion rather than function) in the pursuit of what’s good for their career, rather than their brands. John Hancock’s brilliant essay – The marketer stripped bare and our nude future – explains it well.

So Google’s latest campaign in Australia should come as no surprise. Here’s one of the full page colour press ads (that’s FPC to use marketing jargon) now running in local suburban newspapers. That’s right folks – Google is running local newspaper advertisements – not a digital platform in sight.

press ad

Google’s FPC local press ads

The campaign is also on bus-sides and posters. And not that long ago Google also ran newspaper ads promoting Adwords. And in an amazing use of commonsense, the ads use sales language to convince prospects to buy. None of this comfy content, written in the vain hope you will read the warm fuzzies and be inspired to open your wallet as a result. Google asks for orders.


So if Google is using the proven media channels and techniques as well as digital channels, why have most marketers chosen to dump what works, in favour for what in many cases, is yet to prove its worth?

The digital emperor’s new clothes are starting to be seen for what they are.

So if you are using a digi-spruiker who is foolishly directing you to only promote your business in digital channels, please save them from their folly. Fire them and send them on a 101 Marketing Course. They’ll thank you for it eventually.

After all, what’s “Good for the Google” has to be “Good for the Gullible”….